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OOTROF, or organization of the return of Foehammer, delivers. I am starting a petition to put another foehammer in halo 2. If bungie fails to agree, they should all just go to hell. Or they could just ignore me. But i'm also starting a boycott on halo 2 if foehammer is not in it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring foehammer back into the game of halo. If it doesn't happen, then we'll just annoy the hell out of bungie people.

Becoming a Member

All you have to do is follow the great leadership of Foehammer.

Vive Le Foe Hammer!

This is the only sketch of foehammer we have so far. Witness' say they saw her last in a warthog on the PoA.(Why does she look like a man)

(Not Beyonce Knowles but hey)*Temporary Pic*
(Still like your description Phil?)

"We Deliver"

Organization News

Letter came back saying that Bungie may use Foehammers voice actor again but thats just not good enuf.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Phone: 847-foe-hamr